Our Worship


September - June: Sunday mornings at 10:30 am

July & August: Sunday morning at 9:30 am weather permitting: outside in the pavilion!

A reflective spiritual setting, a town with history, worship at Schoharie Presbyterian is:

  • a time of renewal

  • “it is like hitting the reset button”

  • sets you up for a good week

  • contemplative, restful, thoughtful

We have a wonderful organ, and a volunteer organist most mornings. When she is not available, we are still able to sing the favorite hymns because they are recorded on the organ.

Worship at SUPC is a time to walk the labyrinth of your mind, a safe space to examine where you are called. Each person in the sanctuary has our own demons that dwell; worship is a time to be with others also struggling and through the shared experience, gain strength.