Christmas is coming... but not yet!

So often, the very first Sunday right after Thanksgiving launches directly into Advent 1. Still stuffed from excess of turkey, pie, green bean casserole (or the many variants thereof!), and leftovers, it can set us a little breathless to realize the church calendar has launched directly into the hubbub of Christmas preparations without a moment's pause. 

This year, it is different. This year is one of those years when the calendar works out to give us Christ the King Sunday after Thanksgiving, meaning we have a moment to close out the old church year before launching into the next one. We have a chance to green the church before Advent starts. We have a chance to be prepared to anticipate the coming of the Christ child. This year, we can really sit with these questions: what does Christ the King Sunday even mean, and how is it relevant to our understanding of the truth that came from on High? 

Christ the King Sunday started less than 100 years ago, it is a young celebration, as these things go, and similar to World Communion Sunday, it has its origins in reacting to nationalism in wartime. Christ the King Sunday is a feast to remind us of a simple truth: Christ is our King, not human rulers of nations. the call of Christ compels our obedience, but it is beyond mere obedience to words and doctrine, our faith in Christ as our King calls us to seek a greater truth and understanding. Obeying Christ's call urges us to practice discerning obedience: where our eyes are open to first discover God's will in any given situation. We seek to be part of God's transformative power in the world. This is what it means to have Christ as our King.

~Rev. Andrea Holroyd

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