Over what are you Enthused?

Typically, my Thursday thoughtful musings will have some bearing and relationship to the sermon I preach on Sunday. This week will not be one of those times. On Sunday, taking a page from Mark's Gospel, I will speak on the different ways God heals us, body, mind, spirit, the contrast between the temple official with the ill daughter and the "ritually unclean" poor woman who brushed up to Jesus' garment in the hope and faith she would be healed. The passage is Mark 5:21-43, and reminds me of the song "We Cannot Measure How You Heal". But that topic is for Sunday. 

As we enter the summer months of worship, people go on vacation, worship time is different, but the lectionary marches straight into the annual stewardship campaign and the continued saga of Paul addressing the Corinthians. From previous letters and passages, we have heard Paul encourage and exhort, plead, beg and offer forgiveness, praise and censure. In 2 Corinthians 8:7-15, Paul reminds the Corinthians of the eagerness they had for the church before division and strife, and also that giving needs to come from a place of eagerness, not out of obligation. Yes, Paul speaks of money, but as I read these words "for if the eagerness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has", I am reminded that giving is much more than keeping the lights on in the building and refilling the coffer of the mission fund. Giving is about living. If we are excited to live a Christ-like life, eager to engage in each other's life and the life of strangers, give generously of our whole selves, have enthusiasm for hobbies as well as worship, we will be good stewards of Christ's message. 

SUPC Pastor