God: Space Invader

Space Invaders: the game revolutionized the video game industry, became wildly popular, and today has so many spin-offs and references in popular culture that even non-video-game players recognize the little 8-bit aliens: high stress quotient, both fun and anxiety.

Space Invader: someone who gets uncomfortably in your space, either by malicious or subconscious motivations. When I was in school, we had an awareness program titled, "Are you a Space Invader?" to model good boundaries and boundary awareness. Dealing with Space Invaders: High stress quotient, emotional, mental, and physical.

God: Space Invader: Not an alien, nor someone who physically manipulates. When God comes calling, can be relentless for the reluctant, yet liberating for the self-limited individual: high stress quotient without trust and prayer. With prayer and trust, the stress can still be present, but being centered on God's call helps mitigate and smooth out the spikes of stress

Have you ever noticed how reluctant the prophets are to be called? Moses, Noah, Jeremiah, and more - each and every one tries to argue with God when that voice comes giving direction. But God really gets in the face of these prophets. Poor Isaiah even got his lips burned when he tried to declare how unworthy he was to be in God's presence. Our Bible is full of stories of people who did not believe God could possibly be calling them to do God's work, to show the love of God for all humanity, but little did they know. On Sunday, the scripture will be from Isaiah (room full of seraphs singing "Holy"), the Gospel will see Jesus teaching from a boat, telling the reluctant fishermen to cast out their nets again and catch fish, and Paul speaking on how unworthy he was to be called, yet by the grace of God he had a message and a platform. As you listen, is God a Space Invader, a manipulator, or an entity that has extended grace, which we just need to accept?

 ~Rev. Andrea Joy Holroyd

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