Parable Perspective

How many parables can you name? What is a parable? How many are there in the gospels? Why are there different versions of some of these lessons?
What have you always wanted to know about the parables but never thought to ask?

Now is your chance! Starting on June 16th, continuing through summer worship, we will be focusing on the parables, and I want you to help me plan out our journey through these vignettes. I have a board on my office door, and I want you to write your questions, your suggestions, your favorite parables, or the ones that confuse you. If someone else has already written your suggestion, circle it, underline, star it, or put a check mark next to it. We need to fill 12 Sundays with content, so give me your ideas and questions. If you cannot make it to my office door, I will of course theme these newsletter posts around the parables, too, so those of you who are unable to attend a Sunday morning but are still curious, please comment below so I can include your ideas in the discourse. If you receive a paper copy of the newsletter and you do not have internet and you cannot reach my office door, but you have ideas, I would still love to hear them. Call the office and we will set a time for me to visit you. If you have email, receive the electronic copy, go past my door on a regular basis, and/or come to worship, I would still love to hear your ideas and questions. Call or email, or stop in, and we can work out a time for me to visit.

~Rev. Andrea Joy Holroyd

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