Prayer: Perseverating or Periodic?

Trying to gain some inspiration into Sunday's parables, I opened up my "Gospel Music" playlist on my computer. I have various recordings of different interpretations of a variety of hymns, songs, and other spiritual music, and it is one of the playlists that I use to set my interpretive mood as I read, contemplate, pray, learn, and write. Since guidance comes from many difference sources, so I prayerfully hit play, and began to read, again.

Sunday's parables are all from Luke (11:5-8, 18:1-14), and all at a quick glance seem to address prayer - specifically being shamelessly persistent at your personal prayers or humbly self-effacing. That interpretation fits, but seems narrow in scope. By another interpretation they are deeply rooted in Jewish law, and the reminder for us is that God is more hospitable, more just, and more full of grace, than even the best examples we might have in our towns and daily living. As the words of the commentaries began to swim together, articles both agreeing and disagreeing and my reading comprehension twisting in knots, my ears tuned to the music coming from speakers: Peter and Mary Alice Amidon You Can't Hurry God {Click Here for a Youtube Video}.

The chorus ends with "God may not come when you call / but God's right on time." As I sat, contemplating the parables for this week and the discussions around the meaning of those parables, I realized that I did not need to discover the true interpretation - the meaning is already in the world, existing. Each different understanding of these lessons illuminates a piece of the truth, and while it is good that we be persistent in searching for the truth, in praying, and engaging in a variety of spiritual practices, we should remember God is there. The song is true - we cannot hurry God - but that implies that God is slow. In truth, God is never already in a place or about to arrive somewhere, because God is always NOW, no matter when or where NOW is.
If you read Sunday's parables ahead of time, read them remembering the NOW-ness of God, and ask yourself how a present God changes our understanding of persistence, charity, hospitality, and forgiveness.

~Rev. Andrea Joy Holroyd

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