Advent Corner - Middle of Week 1

ADVENT: Week 1
The first week of Advent has a few themes. On Sunday, we spoke on hope; other themes for this week include Anticipation and Longing for the coming of Jesus. In your advent wreaths at home, light one candle, the first purple one. You can find prayers and scripture readings in the red "Celebrating Advent at Home" books, or the "Coming of Jesus" calendar of activities, or online. 
Share activities that help shed light on "longing", activities I know many of you do already.

  • tell a story

  • Make an advent calendar

  • give to the needy

  • assemble a crèche or manger scene

  • reflect and discuss, make resolutions, goals for the new year

  • volunteer at hospitals, nursing homes, day-care centers (following the posting rules of volunteering!), food pantries and other services

As you participate in your volunteering, whether it be your normal schedule or an extra event, be mindful of Christ's light in the world.

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