Advent Corner - Middle of Week 3

It tends to happen in the calendar, even though there are 4 weeks (Sundays) of Advent, the fourth week is shortchanged; Christmas falls so quickly after the fourth Sunday of Advent, that it feels like there are only 3 weeks to prepare. If you have been following Advent along with the Green-covered Advent Calendar, they have an advent activity for Sunday, followed by Christmas Eve. For those of you using the "Prepare the Way" daily calendar, you have reached the last line of perforated tags. As close as Christmas is, the daily marking does help count down to this celebration. 

The picture I share with this Advent Corner is a picture that floated through my facebook feed at the beginning of this week. It is an expression of the Advent Journey, the preparing we have been dong, and continue to do. 
We began with HOPE: the little light that shines in the dark, the seed that has so much potential, even if we cannot see it. HOPE is the reason to keep trying for a better life.
Next came PEACE. Have you ever noticed that when you accept HOPE in your life, certain anxieties become quieted? They do not go away, but you are better able to see a larger picture. There is PEACE in widening our focus.
JOY was next. HOPEful ideas become PEACEful thoughts, which in turn bring JOY. 
On Sunday we will light the candle of LOVE; what is LOVE in this context? It is LOVE without boundaries or borders, able to see the hearts of all regardless of circumstance.

I had always heard that the fourth Sunday of Advent is Love because the very next thing that happens in our celebration is Christ's birth - Love come down, made manifest on earth.

Peace be with you, and may you have a meaningful Advent.
~Pastor Andrea

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